This is a fantastic campaign to show your support for me, BILLY, and my 7 year battle with Esthesioneuroblastoma. 

It is very easy to participate:

1.  Take a video of you & maybe some friends enjoying a BEER, and in that video have a BIG toast to: BEERS FOR BILLY! Challenge your drinking buddies.

2.  Upload your video to social media. Don't forget to tag/challenge all your friends.

Twitter: add #BEERSFORBILLY. Tag me @beersforbilly. 

3.  Feel free to Buy me a Beer 

(any donations that exceed my Beer Drinking abilities will be used to pay a massive pile of medical bills)

3.5  Thanks for your contribution.  In return I would be happy to send a challenge or thank you video.  Please email me the details.

Heads Up:

If you are not of legal drinking age, or don't partake in BEER, PLEASE join the fun with ROOTBEER!

Drink Responsibly, don't spill any, recycle your cans & bottles.

More info about me:

Diagnosed November 25, 2009, with Esthesioneuroblastoma.  AKA Olfactory Neuroblastoma.  Did Chemo cocktail of Cisplatin & Etoposide.  Then 35 rounds of radiation. Had a near death experience with meningitis...3 spinal taps.  Then 14 hour Craniofacial & lateral rhinotomy. All that excitement was followed with Cyber Knife radiation, 4 surgeries to repair a fistula (hole in my head...not the mouth or nose).  Not done yet: Right Parotidectomy 2013, Left Parotidectomy 2014, Removed left submandibular gland & right neck dissection January 2016.  But wait, there's more: right submandibular surgery November 2016...and on the way to PROTON BEAM THERAPY 2017!!

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Press Release
"Head & Neck" 

"CHEERS BILLY" is a theme song written and performed by Jack Grelle with assistance from Kristo and Big Muddy Records.